Nederhögen Vildmarkscenter is a camping / B & B / holiday house / group accomodation & conference center located on the border between Härjedalen and Jämtland, at the beginning of the wilderness.
The campsite consists of 25 places, where each place measures 8x15 m. Electrical outlet with electricity meter, 16 Amp per place. Wifi throughout the campsite.
Service house with shower and toilet, and disposing part with its own entrance to the school with toilet and laundry facilities.
With a secluded environment where the silence is stunning, but at the same time the proximity to the murmur from the ski resorts around Vemdalsfjällen.
The Vildmarkscenter is centrally located despite its secluded location, our own electric light trail (1km and 3km), the snowmobile trail into the junction with an extensive snowmobile trail network, loops for dog sleds of 16km and 30km (by agreement).
For a cozy evening gathering / barbecue, we have a barbecue where you can ride your scooter or go for a walk.
Around Nederhögen there are nice fishing waters, Sörtjärn, Vitvattnet, Horten and Klövsjön just to name a few.

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